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The Moon by Night

By: eneida

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Adult Crime Speculative

Many Waters

By: palmer

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Children Satire Urban

Dying of the Light

By: palmer

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Male Comedy Historical

To a God Unknown

By: claude_kutch

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Adult Mystery Speculative


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Adventure Comedy Magical realism Philosophical Political Saga Science fiction Speculative


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Historical fiction Mystery Western


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Magical realism Paranoid


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Satire Speculative


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Deadshot Man

By: hershel

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Appears in: Look Homeward, Angel

Agent She-Thing Machine

By: mason

Aut mollitia autem. Possimus nemo nesciunt. Maiores accusamus labore.

Appears in: Oh! To be in England

Supah Steel

By: millie

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Appears in: Little Hands Clapping


By: palmer

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Appears in: The Daffodil Sky

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